About Us


OIVIO is the brand established by K. Trend Footwear Ltd, a HK-based company specialising in design and production of footwear. Since its inception in 1995, K. Trend’s productions were exported to different parts of the world and earned solid reputation for our trustworthiness, high quality and value for money to our world-wide clients.

With a strong conviction in producing a collection that can fit for all occasions and is suitable for everyday wear, we have crystallised our experience and knowledge to design and produce the OIVIO FIT shoes. 

The term FIT represents a deeper ideology of this project

F – Friendly: The shoes are designed as a friendly gear that is suitable for every occasion and attire.

I – Individual: The minimalistic yet stylish design combined with a sustainable production process allows for individual expression.

T – Trustworthy: You will be surprised by the multi-functional features that would not be found elsewhere. The functions and features are tested and certified that guarantee high performance.