How We Started


Our journey began with a simple idea - we want to create a super cool shoe that is fit for all-day use.

The COVID-19 pandemic has smashed the world and severely disrupted both our personal life and business activities.

We have to embrace a new normal of life with many of us starting to work from home.

While formal dressing became less required, we thus looking for more multi-functional attire and shoes – good for staying at home, online meeting with colleagues and business connections and also fit for getting outdoor for buying groceries or even light exercise.

We tend to choose the style which is more adaptive to different situations.

When we try to look for shoes that is versatile and adaptive to different situations, its somehow not easy to find in the market.

Either the shoes look cool and casual but absence of functional features or they are very functional but not able to match our business and smart-casual outfit.

That triggered us to produce a super cool looking casual shoes and at the same time featuring trustworthy functionalities, such as flexible and light-weight, comfortable and good support, waterproofing and breathable upper, slip and abrasion-resistant and shock absorption outsole, anti-bacteria insole and also produced by environmentally friendly materials to fill up the market gap.

With our over 25 years of shoe-production experience, we had soon arranged suitable suppliers and crafted various designs and constructions for this project. Unfortunately, our work was affected by the unstable development of COVID-19.

It took us extra-long time for perfecting our prototypes. But trust us, we have gone through rounds of prototyping, improvements and testing before coming up with this beautiful product - OIVIO FIT - The Ultimate City Shoes FIT for All Occasions.

We hope you would love the concept of this shoes that gives you a total package in both cool looking as well as comfortable and functional performance that fit for all-day use.

Please support us and we hope to hear your views and reviews so that we could continuously improve our products.

We look forward to launching more colour mix with different materials and outsole styles to provide you more nice wearing experience. Thank you very much!